Ethical Principles in Respiratory Care Quiz

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What does the principle of confidentiality require health care workers to respect?

Which ethical principle requires health care workers to contribute to the health and well-being of their patients?

What Act was established to establish standards for privacy of individually identifiable health information?

What duty do practitioners have according to the principle of 'Role duty'?

What is the primary concern of ethics?

Which principle acknowledges a patient's personal liberty and right to decide their own course of treatment?

Under which principle is any use of deceit to get a patient to reverse a decision to refuse treatment considered unethical?

Which principle obligates health care providers to avoid harming the patient and to actively prevent harm when possible?

What does the principle of veracity bind health care providers and patients to do?

What problems occur when treatment has serious side effects under which principle?

Which principle deals with issues of benevolent deception, such as withholding truth from a patient for their own good?


Test your knowledge of the ethical principles related to respiratory care, including autonomy and informed consent. Explore the ethical theories and principles that guide decision-making in respiratory care.

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