Ethical Considerations in Reproductive Health Quiz

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What is the primary goal of performing an external version procedure?

To reposition the fetus in the uterus

When is an external version typically performed during pregnancy?

After 37 weeks gestation

What is the purpose of a tocolytic drug in the context of an external version?

To relax the uterus

Why is external version often accompanied by ultrasound guidance?

To guide manual fetal repositioning

In what scenario would an internal version procedure be typically performed?

In an emergency situation during vaginal birth of twins

In which type of forceps delivery is the cup applied over the posterior fontanelle of the fetal occiput?

Vacuum extractor

Which type of uterine incision is preferred for cesarean birth due to decreased blood loss and less chance of uterine rupture in subsequent pregnancies?

Low-segment transverse incision

What is a common misconception regarding cold application on neonates after birth?

It can cause hypothermia in neonates

Which factor makes a vertical uterine incision more suitable for obese women during cesarean birth?

Less room for large fetus delivery

Which condition might lead to a classic uterine incision during cesarean birth?

Delivery of a large fetus

What is a key difference between low-segment transverse and low-segment vertical uterine incisions during cesarean birth?

Likelihood of uterine rupture in subsequent births

What is the purpose of replacing amniotic fluid at a rate of 500 ml per hour?

To relieve umbilical cord compression

Which procedure is indicated for oligohydramnios and umbilical cord compression due to lack of amniotic fluid?

Replacing amniotic fluid

What complication can occur when there is decreased amniotic fluid during contractions?

Variable decelerations in fetal heart rate

What is the main role of the nurse during the replacement of amniotic fluid?

Monitoring uterine activity and fetal heart rate

Why is continuous monitoring of uterine activity and fetal heart rate important during the procedure?

To ensure fetal well-being and safety

Which condition is NOT an indication for the replacement of amniotic fluid?

Fetal heart rate variability

Test your knowledge on ethical considerations in reproductive health, including conception issues, abortion, fetal rights, and use of fetal tissue for research. Explore topics like in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, stem cell research, surrogate mothers, and more.

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