Ethical Communication Principles

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What does the National Communication Association advocate as essential to the integrity of communication?

Truthfulness, accuracy, honesty, and reason

What type of communication do the NCA members condemn?

Communication that degrades individuals through distortion and coercion

Why is access to communication resources and opportunities important according to the NCA?

To fulfill human potential and contribute to well-being

How does advocating truthfulness relate to the text?

It leads to sharing information, opinions, and feelings openly

What could be a consequence of not advocating truthfulness in communication?

Limiting personal growth and potential by holding back opinions

How does past negative experiences impact communication in the context of advocating truthfulness?

Prevents individuals from expressing themselves authentically due to fear of negative reactions

What does the text suggest about ethical communication?

It should be open, genuine, cooperative, and sensitive to cultural beliefs.

Why is concealing the truth or causing harm in communication considered unethical?

It damages organizations, groups, or individuals.

In ethical communication, what role does empathy play?

Empathy plays a crucial role as it helps understand the needs and interests of the receiver.

Why does ethics play a crucial role in communication?

Ethics guide genuine, open, and sensitive communication.

Explore the principles of ethical communication, as endorsed by the National Communication Association in America, such as respecting audiences, considering consequences, using information properly, and respecting the rights of others. Learn how ethical communication contributes to fostering truthfulness, fairness, responsibility, personal integrity, and respect for self and others.

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