Essence of Traditional Knowledge: Definition and Meaning

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What does traditional knowledge refer to?

How is traditional knowledge typically transmitted?

What are some forms of traditional knowledge?

Who primarily owns traditional knowledge?

What is one feature of traditional knowledge?

Which of the following is NOT considered a category of traditional knowledge, according to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)?

How do Native people define traditional knowledge?

Why do some indigenous people struggle to pass on traditional knowledge to the young?

What does traditional knowledge provide credibility to, according to the text?

Which type of works are included in the concept of traditional knowledge?

What hampers the communication of traditional knowledge among indigenous people today?

What leads science practitioners to sometimes trivialize traditional understanding?

What is a characteristic of traditional knowledge according to indigenous people?

For many indigenous people, what diminishes the full richness of tradition as elders die?

What comparison sometimes incorrectly leads science practitioners to trivialize traditional understanding?

What is one of the reasons why Native classification is richer than that of non-indigenous people?


Learn about the definition and meaning of traditional knowledge, including the knowledge, innovations, and practices of indigenous and local communities. Gain insights into the essence of traditional knowledge and its significance in different cultures.

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