Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases

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What is the focus of epidemiology?

The study of infectious diseases

What is the key factor in the occurrence of infection?


What represents one of the possible consequences of infection?


Where do the sources of infection mostly lie?

Within the environment or in other infected hosts

What does epidemiology study in relation to infectious diseases?

Circumstances under which disease processes occur

Study Notes

Epidemiology and Infection

  • The focus of epidemiology is on the distribution and determinants of health-related events, diseases, or health-related characteristics among populations.
  • The key factor in the occurrence of infection is the interaction between the host, agent, and environment.
  • Disease represents one of the possible consequences of infection.
  • The sources of infection mostly lie in the environment, vectors, and carriers.
  • Epidemiology studies the distribution, frequency, and determinants of infectious diseases, as well as their spread and control.

Test your knowledge of epidemiology, the study of health-related states and infectious disease processes, including the factors affecting disease incidence and host responses.

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