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What is defined as a unit that includes all organisms in an area?


Which term refers to organisms responsible for population control and maintaining ecosystem balance?

Tertiary Consumers

What do consumers do in an ecosystem?

Regulate population sizes

Which organism type feeds on the dead remains of producers and contributes to nutrient cycling?


According to Eugene Odum's definition, what does an ecosystem include?

All organisms in an area

Which term describes top predators in an ecosystem's food chain?

Tertiary Consumers

What is an ecosystem?

A community of living things interacting with the nonliving parts of their environment

Which of the following is NOT a part of an ecosystem?

Cars and buildings

How are biotic and abiotic factors related in an ecosystem?

They work together to create a unique ecosystem

Why is it important for development efforts to be long-range according to the text?

To support ecologically sustainable growth

What is the main characteristic of a community within an ecosystem?

It is a group of living organisms interacting in their natural habitat

Why should man make crucial decisions now according to the text?

To ensure a prosperous future for ecosystems

Test your knowledge on environmental sustainability and ecosystem concepts. Explore the importance of making crucial decisions for an ecologically stable future and the characteristics of different ecosystems.

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