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What are the primary factors that shape the behavior of human groups?

Beliefs and practices

What term is used to describe the socially-constructed characteristics of being male and female?


Which of the following refers to observable characteristics influenced by environmental factors?


In relation to gender roles, what varies from one culture to another?

Gender roles

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a male domain with gender stereotypes according to the text?

Interior design

What does socioeconomic status refer to based on the provided text?

Social privileges and occupational status

What is a polytypic species composed of?

Local populations that differ in the expression of one or more traits

How can genotype be best described?

Specific genes directly inherited from parents

What is phenotype based on?

Observable characteristics or traits influenced by genotype

What primarily influences an individual's observable characteristics?

Genetic makeup inherited from parents

In a polytypic species, where is a great deal of variation found?

Among individuals within local populations

Which of the following best describes the term 'phenotype'?

Observable characteristics or traits influenced by environmental factors

What does 'ethnicity' refer to?

People who identify themselves as distinct based on cultural features

In the context of the text, what does 'exceptionality' refer to?

Being intellectually gifted or having disabilities

What is the main focus of 'religion' as described in the text?

Interpreting and influencing aspects of the supernatural

How is 'ethnic group' defined in the text?

People who identify collectively based on cultural features

What does 'genotype' primarily refer to?

The genetic makeup of an organism

Which term is most closely associated with 'observable characteristics' in the text?


Test your knowledge on how environmental factors can affect phenotype, human variation, gender, and society's division of humanity into male and female categories. Explore the impact of beliefs, practices, and material possessions on human behavior.

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