Entrepreneurship Essentials Course SEMESTER- II

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What is the main focus of the Entrepreneurship Essentials Course?

To shape students' minds for entrepreneurship and learn necessary concepts

What is the objective of the course for students?

To empower with an entrepreneurial mind-set and business skills

How many credits does the Entrepreneurship Essentials Course offer?


What does the course aim to achieve for the students?

Empower students with business skills and start them on the entrepreneurship journey

How many unit topics are covered in the course?


What is the percentage weightage assigned to 'Introducing the Entrepreneur' unit topic?


What is the importance of value addition as an entrepreneur?

To differentiate the product from competitors

How will the students be evaluated in this course?

Based on continuous evaluation using assignments, presentations, quizzes, and class participation

What are the common pedagogical tools used in this course?

Lectures and discussion, assignments and presentations, case studies and role-plays

Which of the following is a common myth about entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs have a guaranteed path to success

What is the role of an entrepreneur?

To identify opportunities and take risks to create new ventures or bring about change

What is the main focus of corporate entrepreneurship?

Promoting innovation within an existing organization

What does 'Effectuation' refer to in entrepreneurship?

Applying a set of principles to achieve desired outcomes in uncertain situations

What is the purpose of understanding the Business Model Canvas?

To provide a visual representation of a business model and its key elements

What is the difference between an Entrepreneur and a Manager?

Entrepreneurs focus on taking risks and creating new ventures while managers focus on stability and avoiding risks.

Explore course material for Semester II of Entrepreneurship Essentials, designed to shape students' minds for entrepreneurship and help them learn the necessary concepts, tools, and skills required to set up a venture. The course covers key issues faced by entrepreneurs and managers at different stages of the enterprise life-cycle.

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