Entrepreneurial Feasibility Analysis and Industry Environment Quiz

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What is the primary focus of idea assessment?

What is not an element of a feasibility analysis?

Which model is used to assess the competitive environment?

What is the purpose of using an idea sketch pad in idea assessment?

What are the major elements of a financial feasibility analysis?

Which aspect is assessed in the process of assessing entrepreneur feasibility?

What does a feasibility study aim to address?

Which of the following is NOT one of the six macro forces used to assess industry attractiveness?

What determines the attractiveness of an industry according to the text?

What makes an industry more attractive based on the text?

What influences buyers' influence according to the text?

What forces interact to determine the setting in which companies compete?

What makes an industry more attractive based on the text?

What shapes the industry's future according to the text?


Test your knowledge about conducting idea assessment, feasibility analysis, macro environment forces in an industry, and Porter’s Five Forces Model for assessing the competitive environment.

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