English Language Learning Practice: Trendsetters and Communication

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Science: Echolocation p48 pl38 ® The passive ______


A webzine article: Smart cities of the future A travel blog: Scott the Explorer ® Extreme homes p60 p66 p66 ® First and second conditional ______


A fact sheet: When taking risks is a good thing Citizenship: Digital Citizenship: case studies p72 pl39 ® Gerunds and infinitives ______


A magazine interview: The power of ‘notyet’ p87 A report about schools in Denmark ® Happiness around the world ______


An article: A taste of Australia ® Food in Japan p36 p42 p42 c® Unit review p44, Finished. pl20 Unit 4 Sense and sensitivity p46 The five senses Describing texture, ______


Enhance your English language skills with practice activities based on trendsetters, communication, travel, music, theatre, and fashion. This content is designed to improve vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar usage.

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