Energy System FPP Week 14 2022-23 Learning Outcomes

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Which of the following functions require energy?

What is the source of energy for all physical movement?

Which system is responsible for producing energy for movements longer than 90 seconds?

What is the compound stored in muscles that is immediately available to produce movement?

Which nutrient is a source of immediate energy for muscle contraction?

What is the primary function of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body?

What is the primary energy system used for brisk walking?

Which product is broken down into ATP through a process called glycolysis in the Lactic Acid System?

What is the by-product formed during the process of glycolysis in the Lactic Acid System?

Which energy system provides energy quickly but not over a long duration?

What causes the immediate anaerobic energy transfer from the hydrolysis of intramuscular high-energy phosphates and glycolysis?

What does exceptional endurance relate to according to the text?

What is the main reason for the rapid progress to steady-rate oxygen consumption in endurance training?

Why do sprint power athletes not experience the same decrease in oxygen deficit as endurance-trained individuals?

Which nutrient is referred to as a 'macronutrient' due to its need in relatively large quantities for energy production in both anaerobic and aerobic activity?

What type of exercise is recommended for improving the ATP-PCr system?

Why are saturated fats associated with a greater risk of various diseases?

What is the main limitation of the anaerobic pathways despite their ability to regenerate ATP at high rates?

In contrast to the anaerobic pathways, what is the main limitation of the aerobic system?

What is the main characteristic of physical activities in relation to the 3 energy-supplying processes?


Test your understanding of the energy system, aerobic and anaerobic systems, energy nutrients, and their roles in exercise. This quiz is designed to assess your knowledge following the session and independent study.

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