Energy and Sustainability Management Lecture 4-5

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What is the primary focus of the proposed energy policy model?

Improving energy efficiency

According to the proposed energy policy model, what does the organization aim to achieve in terms of total energy consumption?

Reduce energy consumption by a specific percentage each year

What does the organization intend to do with its energy purchases, according to the proposed energy policy model?

Reduce the carbon intensity of energy purchases year on year

In the context of the proposed energy policy model, what is meant by 'carbon intensity'?

The amount of carbon emissions produced per unit of energy consumed

What is the scope of the proposed energy policy model?

Includes all buildings, processes, and transport operations

What is the organization's commitment regarding relevant legislation in the proposed energy policy model?

To comply with all relevant legislation relating to energy use

What is the purpose of the energy management system (EnMS) mentioned in the text?

To establish an energy policy and objectives, and to plan actions to achieve them

What is the role of the team in an energy-management project as per the text?

To provide diverse perspectives and distribute the workload

What is the purpose of identifying significant energy uses (SEU) as mentioned in the text?

To achieve performance improvement with fewer resources

Why is it important to establish a defined EnMS scope and boundaries?

To focus efforts and resources

What does the organization need to determine as part of planning for addressing risks and opportunities in EnMS?

Actions to address risks and opportunities, and how to integrate and implement them into EnMS

What is included in the structure of Energy Consumption according to the text?

Basic systems within companies that consume energy

What is the role of staff and contractors as per the proposed energy policy model mentioned in the text?

To support objectives and cooperate actively in achieving them

What is the expectation regarding publishing results as per the proposed energy policy model?

To publish results annually

What is meant by EnMS in the context of this text?

Energy Management System

What is the primary responsibility of a manager according to the text?

Managing an organization

What is the key tool required for effective project management, as mentioned in the text?

Professionalism and ability to manage within allocated costs and budget

In the context of developing key habits for effective management, what does 'Interdependence' refer to?

Working with others in a mutually supportive way

What is the recommended approach for a manager to prioritize their tasks effectively?

Balancing important and urgent tasks with non-important and non-urgent tasks

Which book is recommended for an interesting read on effective habits for managers?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.

What is the main focus of the text regarding being an effective manager?

Balancing professionalism, leadership skills, and cost management

Which of the following does the Circle of Control NOT include?


In the context of proactive people, where do they work from and what is their approach?

Centre of influence and constant expansion, waiting for problems to happen

What is the key focus of 'Begin with the End in Mind' principle mentioned in the text?

Plan the activities, deliverables, milestones with a timeline

Which approach involves seeking solutions to common problems and balancing courage and consideration?

Synergise approach

What is the primary emphasis of the 'Communications' principle as per the text?


In the context of 'Priority Matrix (MoSCoW)', what does 'Not Important' refer to?


What is the main focus of 'Pilot scale testing of the seal' as per the text?

$5$ mins Not Urgent

'Think Win-Win' is a frame of mind that involves seeking solutions to common problems. Which of the following is NOT a part of this approach?

$Succeeding in terms of someone else's failure'

'Synergise' approach for a successful outcome of a research project is based on individual traits. What does 'Synergise' primarily focus on?

$Fundamental principles$

Test your knowledge on energy management, energy efficiency, and compliance with energy policies in the context of sustainability. This quiz covers topics such as continual improvement in energy efficiency and ensuring the availability of necessary resources to achieve objectives.

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