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Energy Consumption Types & Calculations

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What does energy consumption refer to?

The amount of energy used by a person, organization, or country

How can energy consumption of a home be calculated?

By adding the total of all energy bills

Why do developing countries tend to use more energy than developed countries?

Because they are building modern road systems and infrastructure

What has been the general trend in global energy consumption over the last 50 years?

A significant increase in energy consumption, with a few exceptions

Which countries are in the best position to use public policy to increase energy efficiency and lower global usage?

Larger and more populated countries

What percentage of China's energy consumption comes from coal?


Which country has the highest energy consumption per capita?


What percentage of the world's energy production was from renewable energy sources 20 years ago?


Which country has the largest increase in energy consumption over 50 years?


What is the primary energy source for Iran?

Natural Gas

What percentage of global energy production came from renewable sources in 2019?


Which type of renewable energy is the largest source globally?


Which country was the first to generate more electricity from wind power in one day than the country used?


What is the total renewable energy production in China in GWh?


What is the ranking of India in terms of renewable energy production among the top ten countries?


Study Notes

Energy Consumption

  • Energy consumption is the amount of energy used by a person, organization, state, country, or process, and includes various energy sources like electricity, gas, water, and others.

Energy Consumption by Country

  • In 2019, the world's energy consumption was 173,340 terawatt-hours (TWh).
  • The top ten countries for energy consumption in 2019 were:
    • China: 39,361 TWh
    • United States: 26,291 TWh
    • India: 9,461 TWh
    • Russia: 8,279 TWh
    • Japan: 5,187 TWh
    • Canada: 3,948 TWh
    • Germany: 2,650 TWh
    • Brazil: 3,445 TWh
    • South Korea: 3,436 TWh
    • Iran: 3,429 TWh

Energy Consumption per Capita

  • Energy consumption per capita is the total energy consumption divided by the total population.
  • The top ten countries for energy consumption per capita are:
    • Gibraltar: 1.52 million kWh
    • Qatar: 198,418 kWh
    • Iceland: 179,963 kWh
    • Singapore: 169,886 kWh
    • Bahrain: 142,159 kWh
    • Trinidad and Tobago: 142,119 kWh
    • United Arab Emirates: 137,318 kWh
    • Brunei: 123,823 kWh
    • Kuwait: 108,127 kWh
    • Canada: 105,540 kWh

Energy Sources

  • Non-renewable energy sources include coal, oil, and natural gas, which are limited and cause pollution.
  • Renewable energy sources include hydropower, wind, solar, biofuels, and others.
  • In 2019, 11% of energy production came from renewable energy sources, with the top ten countries for renewable energy production being:
    • China: 1,398,207 GWh
    • United States: 572,409 GWh
    • Brazil: 426,638 GWh
    • Canada: 418,679 GWh
    • India: 195,242 GWh
    • Germany: 193,735 GWh
    • Russia: 170,077 GWh
    • Japan: 169,660 GWh
    • Norway: 140,240 GWh
    • Italy: 109,962 GWh

Understand the different types of energy consumption, including electricity, gas, water, and more. Learn how to calculate energy consumption for households, cars, and other processes.

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