Endocrine System Chapter 17 Quiz

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What effect does exercise have on leptin sensitivity?

What is the role of thrombopoietin?

How does aging affect cortisol and aldosterone production?

What happens to insulin resistance with age?

Which hormone is responsible for softening the pubic symphysis to prepare for birth?

What is the primary function of estrogens in the female reproductive system?

Which hormone stimulates pancreatic enzyme and gallbladder bile release?

What is the primary function of renin in the kidneys?

What is the role of leptin in adipose tissue?

Which hormone decreases blood pressure, blood volume, and blood Na+ levels in the heart?

Which type of hormone is derived from the lipid cholesterol and travels bound to a transport protein?

What is the function of the hormone Calcitonin released by the thyroid gland?

Which hormone stimulates the uterine contraction and dilation of the cervix?

What do hydrophilic hormones need in order to transmit their message to a receptor on the plasma membrane?

Which hormone regulates the thyroid gland?

What is the primary function of Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)?

Which type of hormone is responsible for promoting protein synthesis and tissue building?

What is the function of Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)?

What is the role of Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (MSH)?

Which effect describes a scenario where two hormones with similar effects amplify the cell’s response?

What is the function of the hormone Prolactin?

Which type of signaling involves a chemical that communicates to other local cells?


Test your knowledge of the endocrine system with this quiz focusing on chapter 17. Explore the long-distance communication and chemical signaling involved in maintaining homeostasis, as well as the different types of hormone secretion and their effects on the body.

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