Endocrine System Chapter 17 Quiz

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What is the function of inhibin?

Which hormone prepares the breasts for lactation?

What does somatostatin do?

What is the function of cholecystokinin (CCK)?

Which hormone stimulates erythrocyte production in the bone marrow?

What is the function of leptin?

Which region of the adrenal gland is responsible for producing mineralocorticoids like aldosterone?

What is the main function of the adrenal medulla during an acute response?

What are the symptoms of Cushing's disease due to hypersecretion of cortisol?

What is the role of the Pineal Gland in influencing circadian rhythms?

Which region of the adrenal glands responds to physiological and psychological stress by promoting the fight or flight response?

What is the main function of testosterone in the human body?

What is the primary mechanism of travel for hormones throughout the body?

What type of chemical signaling elicits a response in the same cell?

Which type of hormones are derived from the lipid cholesterol and are hydrophobic?

What is considered the first messenger in the hormone pathway of action?

Which type of hormone receptor binds inside the plasma membrane and triggers transcription to mRNA and protein synthesis?

What is the second messenger activated by hydrophilic hormones that initiates a phosphorylation cascade to activate proteins?

What does downregulation of cells in response to excessive hormone levels involve?

Which effect occurs when two hormones with similar effects amplify the cell’s response?

Where does the pituitary gland connect to the hypothalamus?

$Oxytocin$ stimulates which physiological processes?

Which hormone stimulates protein synthesis and tissue building?

What is responsible for melanin production in response to UV light or pregnancy?


Test your knowledge on the endocrine system with a focus on long-distance communication, hormone secretion, and different types of chemical signaling. This quiz covers the overview and other types of chemical signaling in the endocrine system.

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