Endocrine System: Chapter 17 Overview Quiz

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Which hormone is responsible for preparing the breasts for lactation?

What is the primary function of estrogen?

Which hormone stimulates erythrocyte production in the bone marrow?

What is the function of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) released by the heart?

Which hormone is responsible for softening the pubic symphysis in preparation for birth?

What does glucagon primarily stimulate in terms of metabolism?

What is the role of Osteocalcin according to the given information?

How does the decrease in leptin affect dopamine levels?

What is the effect of menopause according to the given information?

Which hormone production declines with age, according to the information provided?

Which type of hormone is derived from the lipid cholesterol?

What type of chemical signaling involves a chemical that elicits a response in the same cell?

Which hormone stimulates uterine contraction and dilation of the cervix?

What causes cells to decrease receptors and become less reactive to excessive hormone levels?

Which hormone is responsible for melanin production in response to UV light or pregnancy?

What hormones regulate the function of gonads?

"High levels of thyroid hormone increase heart rate, blood pressure, and contractility". Which hormone is most likely being referred to in this statement?

"Stimulates the adrenal cortex to secrete hormone (cortisol)". This function is associated with which hormone?

"Stimulates lactation, only during pregnancy". This function is attributed to which hormone?

"Responsible for maintaining calcium balance through bone, kidneys, and intestines". This description best fits which hormone?

What causes cells to increase their receptors and become more sensitive to hormones?

Which type of chemical signaling involves a chemical that communicates to other local cells?

What type of signaling involves long-distance communication to maintain homeostasis?


Test your knowledge on the overview of the endocrine system in Chapter 17. This quiz covers long-distance communication, hormone secretion, types of chemical signaling, and the distinction from the exocrine system.

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