Encryption and Decryption Fundamentals

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What is the standard technology used to encrypt traffic over a network?

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Which protocol is HTTPS based on?


What is the gold standard for protecting web communications?


What type of encryption do TLS connections use?

Hybrid encryption of symmetric- and asymmetric-key encryption

What is the key difference between symmetric-key encryption and asymmetric-key encryption?

Symmetric-key encryption uses the same key for both encryption and decryption, while asymmetric-key encryption uses two different keys.

Why is the public key in asymmetric-key encryption made publicly available?

To allow anyone to encrypt messages before sending them securely.

What is a notable drawback of symmetric-key encryption mentioned in the text?

It necessitates a secure channel for the initial key exchange between parties.

Why is symmetric-key encryption considered simple, fast, and relatively cheap according to the text?

As it uses the same key for both encryption and decryption operations.

What is the main advantage of using asymmetric-key encryption over symmetric-key encryption?

Does not require secret distribution of keys

Which type of encryption is commonly used for protecting data-at-rest and data-in-motion?

Symmetric-key encryption

In asymmetric-key encryption, what is the purpose of the private key?

Decrypt messages received from others

What is a common use of asymmetric-key encryption in authentication processes?

Send usernames and passwords for authorization

Explore the basics of encryption, decryption, symmetric-key and asymmetric-key encryption types, as well as the importance of encryption keys in securing data. Learn how encryption allows data to be securely transmitted and stored.

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