Hardware Offloading for IPsec Encryption/Decryption on FortiGate

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Which command can be used to disable hardware offloading per tunnel if necessary?

config vpn ipsec phase1-interface

What does the command 'diagnose vpn ike gateway clear' do?

Closes a phase-1

Which statement is true about hardware offloading on FortiGate models?

Hardware offloading capabilities vary by processor type and model

Which command displays the current IPsec SA information for all active tunnels?

diagnose vpn tunnel list

Which command provides SA information about a specific tunnel?

diagnose vpn tunnel list name {name}

Which command is used to capture IPsec traffic?

diagnose sniffer packet any 'host {remote-gw} and esp'

Which command should be used to configure the UDP port numbers for IKE and IKE NAT-T?

config system settings set ike-port {1024 — 65535} set

Test your knowledge on hardware offloading requirements for IPsec encryption and decryption on FortiGate models. Learn about the supported algorithms, processor types, and how to enable or disable offloading.

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