Employment Contract Quiz: Job Title and Duties

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What is the job title of the Employee mentioned in the employment contract?

What is one of the responsibilities of the Employee as a Founding Engineer?

What are the standard work hours for the Employee from Monday to Friday?

Under what circumstances may the Employee be required to work beyond the standard work hours?

What should the Employee do if they are unclear about the confidentiality obligation or intellectual property rights?

When is the Employee required to return all materials containing or referring to confidential information?

How long does the duty to maintain confidentiality of information remain in effect after termination of employment?

What changes must the Employee notify the Employer about in writing?

What does the Entire Agreement clause signify?

Under which law is this Agreement governed and construed?

To whom should the Employee return all materials and documents containing or referring to confidential information?

Where should any disputes or claims related to this Agreement be submitted for resolution?

What is the employee's annual salary?

How many days of annual leave does the employee receive?

What is the notice period for termination of employment?

What percentage of mobile application profits does the employee receive as a bonus?

What is the employee's start date?

What type of employment status does the employee have?

Under what conditions can the employee engage in outside employment or work?

What is the Employee's normal place of work?

What must the Employee do in relation to intellectual property created during their employment?

What is required for the Employee to engage in travel for business?


  • The Employee may be required to travel for business both in the UK and abroad.
  • Travel may be necessary for attending meetings, client engagements, or managing remote teams, and the Employer will provide notice and cover travel expenses.
  • Employee may engage in outside employment or work, but must obtain prior written consent from their manager and cannot compete with the Employer.
  • Employee's salary is £57,600 p.a., accruing daily and paid monthly.
  • Employee is entitled to a bonus, calculated as 8% of mobile application profits, with monthly payment schedule for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Employee's normal place of work is remote, but the Employer may request they commute to alternate locations.
  • Employee receives 25 days of annual leave and sick pay, with carryover option, following company policies.
  • Employee's start date is 1st January 2024.
  • Notice period for termination is 3 months for either party.
  • Employee's employment status is permanent and full-time.
  • Employment offer is contingent upon the Employee proving their legal right to work in the UK or securing a valid visa or work permit.
  • Employee must pass background checks conducted by the Employer.
  • Employee agrees to keep confidential and assign all intellectual property created during their employment to the Employer.
  • Employee will not disclose confidential information to third parties without consent and will notify Employer if required by law.


Test your knowledge on employment contracts by reviewing the job title and duties specified in a sample employment contract between Version Zero Limited and Cameron Millen.

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