Emotional regulation

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Which part of the brain is most involved in emotional self-regulation?

What is one key reason why emotional outbursts decline during early childhood?

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an effective strategy for regulating emotions in young children?

What do researchers call the process when children focus their attention on managing their emotions?

How can parents help young children develop effortful control?

What problems are children at risk of if they have inadequately developed emotional self-regulation in early childhood?

What problems can excessive self-regulation of emotions lead to in early childhood and beyond?

Which gender is more commonly associated with internalising problems throughout life?

Which gender is more commonly associated with externalising problems throughout life?

What did Erikson propose about emotional control in early childhood?

Which of the following is an advance in emotional understanding during early childhood?

What is considered one of the major developmental tasks of early childhood?

What is the basis of subsequent actions according to the text?

What decreases from age 2 to 6 during early childhood?

What is crucial to maintaining harmonious social relations?

By what age are children usually accurate in explaining the emotions of a situation?

What do young children become more adept at understanding?

What decreases across cultures during early childhood?

What is one example of emotional self-regulation mentioned in the text?

What do studies with children cards depicting expressed emotions show?


Test your knowledge on the advances in emotional understanding and self-regulation during early childhood. Explore how children develop their ability to understand and regulate their own emotions, as well as comprehend and empathize with the emotions of others.

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