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What defines a model organism?

Having a characterized genome and similarity to humans.

Why are model organisms used in research?

When human experimentation is feasible or unethical.

Which of the following is NOT a practical consideration for selecting model organisms?

DNA sequencing technology available.

What is a characteristic of Drosophila melanogaster that makes it a popular model organism?

~50% of its genes having vertebrate homologs.

Why is it essential for model organisms to produce high amounts of offspring?

To ensure a large pool of experimental subjects.

Which factor is crucial in the molecular genetics of life-span studies using model organisms?

The availability of gene inventory.

What makes RNA interference studies easier with some model organisms?

Availability of specific tools and techniques.

Why are non-human species preferred as model organisms over humans in certain studies?

Due to ethical concerns in using humans for experiments.

'The Big Six' mentioned in the text refer to:

[Mouse, Chick, Frog, Zebrafish, Fruit fly, Nematode]

Why do model organisms need to be amendable to observation and experimentation?

To allow for studying specific traits or diseases effectively.

Test your knowledge on the Embryonic Signaling Center known as Spemann’s Organizer. Explore topics such as maternal vs zygotic contributions, signaling molecules, chemical agents, and the classic experiment performed by Spemann and Mangold in 1924.

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