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Red Flags TLC

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10 Questions

What is a common red flag regarding client communication?

How might a client indicate they are being untruthful?

What does a client focusing more on property damage than bodily injuries suggest?

What behavior is a red flag when asking probing questions?

What should you do when a client’s account conflicts with the Traffic Collision Report?

How can a client's failure to attend medical appointments be interpreted?

What should you do when you find misleading information during an investigation?

What approach is recommended when handling red flags in client interactions?

Why is it important to train on identifying red flags?

What role does intuition play in identifying red flags?


Test your knowledge on common red flags in client communication within personal injury cases. Learn how clients might indicate dishonesty, the significance of focusing on property damage rather than bodily injuries, and how to interpret conflicting information from a client's account and a Traffic Collision Report.

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