Understanding Health Insurance Liens in Personal Injury Cases

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What is a health insurance lien?

A claim for reimbursement made by the health insurer from the client's settlement

When might a health insurer make a claim for reimbursement from the client's settlement?

When the client uses their health insurance for treatment related to a personal injury

What is the purpose of the conditional payment letter mentioned in the text?

To provide itemization of the benefits received and their amounts

What is required to open a lien with Medical/medicare when tasking Haydee?

Copy of HI card (both sides)

What is essential when providing settlement checks related to health insurance liens?

Request separate checks for each lien holder company (one for FLF and one for Health Insurance)

What documents are required to open a Medicare lien?

Medicare number or SSN, DOB, DOL, injuries, meds, auto insurance, address of the client

When can the final lien letter with the lien amount be expected?

Within 120 days from the date of settlement or final date of treatment

What type of letter is received after providing settlement information?

Demand letter with the final lien amount and reduction

What should be done if adjusters want to include the lien in the settlement check?

Ask for separate checks

You should ALWAYS request to open a lien, even if the client did not receive treatment with Health Insurance


What information should you give Haydee when requesting the final lien?

Last Date of Service with HI

You should request the final lien right after the client is done treating with their health insurance.


This quiz covers the concept of health insurance liens in personal injury cases, where a person's health insurer may claim reimbursement from the client’s settlement. It also discusses government liens and types of health insurance liens related to medical care for accidents.

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