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Mores are norms that are widely observed and have great ______ significance.


Folkways are norms for routine, casual ______.


If you fail to practice folkways, some may have a little ______ about it, but not that intense compared to disobeying mores.


Material culture reflects a society’s ______.


The Elements of Culture: Although cultures vary, they all have five common components: (1) Symbols=Although cultures vary, they all have five common components: (2) ________


The Elements of Culture: 2.1) Elements of Culture Language ⬧ Cultural transmission (Oral traditions) – the process by which one generation passes culture to the next.⬧ Every society transmits culture through ________.


The Elements of Culture: (2.2) The Sapir-Whorf Thesis Languages are not just different sets of labels for the same reality. All languages fuse symbols with distinctive emotions. The Sapir-Whorf Thesis – people perceive the world through the cultural lens of ________.


The Elements of Culture: (3) Values and Beliefs = Values are culturally defined standards by which people assess desirability, goodness, and beauty and that serve as broad guidelines for social living. Values are abstract standards of ________.


Test your understanding of the common components of culture by identifying the key elements discussed in 'The Elements of Culture'. This quiz will cover topics such as symbols, language, and cultural transmission.

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