Electric Current and Conductors in Physics Lesson 1

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What is electric current?

Which unit is used to measure electric current?

What is the equation to calculate the amount of charge passing a point in the circuit?

What are atoms made up of?

What is the property of a body which experiences a force in an electric field?

What particles transfer energy through wires as electricity?

What happens if the circuit is open?

What creates an open circuit?

What is needed to cause current to flow through a circuit?

What provides a route for electricity to flow?

What consumes the power in a circuit?

What slows down the flow of charge and changes it into light in the given circuit?

What is equivalent to 6.25x10^16 electrons?

What property is needed for a current to flow through a circuit?

What does a closed circuit mean?

What element in a circuit provides resistance and changes the flow of charge into light?


This quiz covers the concept of electric current as the flow of electrons through conductors in a complete circuit. It also explores the structure of atoms, including protons, electrons, and neutrons, which make up everything in the physical world.

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