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What is the focus of Article XXII in the text?

Grievances and Appeals Committee roles

In the text, what is the content of Article XXVIII?

Rules of Order

Which committee's responsibilities include reviewing the Grand Secretary and Treasurer's Report?

Grand Secretary and Treasurer's Report Committee

What is the primary task of the Grievances and Appeals Committee as mentioned in the text?

Handling complaints and appeals

In the text, under which committee would one find responsibilities related to Education matters?

Education Committee

Which committee is responsible for handling correspondence with foreign entities as per the text?

Foreign Correspondence Committee

What aspect of the organization's activities does the Grand Secretary oversee based on the text?

Financial matters

Which committee is typically involved in ensuring that elections are conducted fairly?

Trials Committee

What is a possible responsibility of the Elections Committee based on the text?

Overseeing voting processes

Test your knowledge on election rules and regulations for companions based on the sections provided. Questions may cover topics like nominations, eligibility criteria, and campaigning restrictions.

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