Educational Psychology: Meaning and Definitions

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In the study of psychology, behavior includes all the outward and observable activities of the __________.

According to R.S. Woodworth, psychology is the scientific study of activities of the organism in relation to its __________.

J.B. Watson established the __________ School of Psychology.

Education helps in altering changes in one's __________ for better adjustment.

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviors, experiences, and __________ processes.

Educational Psychology consists of two popular words Education and ______

The word 'psychology' has been derived from two Greek words: 'psyche' and ______

After establishment of the first psychological laboratory at Leipzig in Germany in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt, ______ was the focus of psychology

Quality is sine-qua-non for all-round development of ______

It isn't important what to teach, but how to teach, who to teach and 'why' to teach. Here the central idea is to bring desirable changes in the ______ of the child


Explore the significance of educational psychology in understanding and improving the learning process. Learn about the key concepts and principles that shape the field of educational psychology.

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