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What is the foundation of development within Jammu and Kashmir?

Agriculture and horticulture

Which crops are commonly cultivated in Jammu and Kashmir's agricultural sector?

Rice and wheat

What percentage of Jammu and Kashmir's population is employed by the agricultural sector?

Over half

Which sector in Jammu and Kashmir attracts millions of tourists annually?


What type of sites attract visitors to tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir?

Rivers and lakes

Which industry contributes substantially to Jammu and Kashmir's local economy due to its abundant resources?

Agriculture and Horticulture

What role does tourism play in J&K's economy according to the text?

Promoting entrepreneurship through various local businesses

Which of the following is NOT a key manufacturing area in J&K?

Automobile manufacturing

In J&K, what do artisanal skills primarily contribute to the economy?

Providing employment and showcasing traditional art forms

What is one of the notable industrial projects in J&K focused on according to the text?

Hydropower and renewable energy sources

What is the main goal of the establishment of SEZs in J&K as mentioned in the text?

Encouraging trade and investment within the state and across India

What does the text suggest about Jammu and Kashmir's economic landscape?

It thrives on a rich tapestry of enterprises and artisan industries

Study Notes

Industries Shaping Jammu and Kashmir's Economic Landscape

Jammu and Kashmir, often referred to simply as J&K, is more than just its stunning natural beauty and historical significance—it has been evolving into a hub of diverse industries, fostering economic growth and improving livelihood opportunities across the region. This dynamic landscape encompasses various sectors, each contributing substantially to J&K's local economy while also capitalizing upon the state's abundant resources.

Agriculture and Horticulture

The foundation of development within J&K lies with agriculture and horticulture, given their potential contribution to the state GDP. Famous for its fertile soil and pleasant climates, these primary industries have led to the cultivation of crops like paddy rice, wheat, maize, and fruits such as apples, cherries, plums, almonds, walnuts, and saffron. The agricultural sector provides employment to over half of J&K's population and remains a cornerstone of both rural and urban economies.

Tourism Industry

Tourism is another prominent industry driving economic progress in J&K. With unique geographical features and cultural heritage, the state attracts millions of tourists annually. Major tourist destinations like Srinagar, Leh, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg draw visitors seeking natural scenery, adventure sports, religious sites, and traditional craftsmanship. A boom in tourism promotes entrepreneurship among locals through hospitality businesses, handicrafts marketing, and other related services, thus further bolstering regional income levels.

Manufacturing and Industrial Development

Manufacturing and industrial establishments complement J&K's rapidly growing economy by providing goods and employment opportunities. Key manufacturing areas focus primarily on food processing, textiles, leather products, and construction materials. In addition, some notable industrial projects concentrate on power generation through hydropower and renewable energy sources. Large-scale initiatives like the establishment of SEZs aim to promote trade and investment within the state and across India.

Handicrafts and Artisan Industries

Artisanal skills form part of the cultural fabric of J&K and have long sustained generations of families making rugs, carpets, woodwork, papier-mâché items, and pottery. These art forms contribute significantly to the state's economy and highlight the ingenuity of its people. Many artisans work independently or collaborate under cooperatives to produce high-quality items which they sell locally, nationally, and internationally.

In conclusion, Jammu and Kashmir presents a fascinating tapestry of thriving industries, proving that it isn't merely a destination for scenic attractions; rather, it stands tall as a bastion of prosperous enterprises ultimately propelling the wellbeing of J&K's residents towards an even brighter future.

Test your knowledge on the diverse industries shaping the economic landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, from agriculture and horticulture to tourism, manufacturing, and artisan industries. Explore how these sectors contribute to the state's economy and livelihood opportunities.

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