Eastern Philosophy: Karma and Knowledge

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What is the meaning of the word 'Karma' in Karma-Yoga?


What is the one ideal goal of mankind according to Eastern philosophy?


How are pleasure and pain described in relation to man's learning process?

Pain is a greater teacher than pleasure

What does the text imply about the formation of an individual's character?

Good and evil equally contribute to character molding

What is identified as the cause of the miseries in the world, according to the text?

Mistaking pleasure for the ideal to strive for

What does the author suggest is the source of all knowledge?

The human mind

How does the author describe the process of learning according to strict psychological language?

Discovering what is already known

What does the author compare knowledge to in the mind of an individual?

A vast library

According to the author, what is the process of uncovering knowledge compared to?

Peeling off layers of ignorance

What analogy does the author use to describe how knowledge is brought out from within ourselves?

A spark igniting a flame in a piece of flint

Explore the concept of Karma and the pursuit of knowledge in Eastern philosophy through this quiz. Learn about the meaning of Karma, its connection to actions, and the ultimate goal of mankind according to Eastern beliefs.

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