Eastern Philosophy and Karma-Yoga

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What is the meaning of the word 'Karma' in the context of Karma-Yoga?

What is mistakenly considered as the ideal to strive for, leading to miseries in the world?

What does Eastern philosophy consider as the goal of mankind?

What does man eventually realize is the true goal, leading him towards it?

What are pleasure and pain considered as?

What is the result of the combined impressions of pleasure and pain upon man’s soul, as per the text?

What is the Sanskrit word 'Karma' derived from?

In Karma-Yoga, what is the primary meaning of the word 'Karma'?

What is considered as the one ideal goal for mankind according to Eastern philosophy?

What does the text suggest as the cause of the miseries in the world?

What does man eventually realize as he progresses in his journey?

What are pleasure and pain considered as?


This quiz explores the concept of Karma in Eastern philosophy and its significance in Karma-Yoga. It delves into the meaning of Karma, its connection with metaphysics, and the ultimate goal of mankind according to Eastern philosophy.

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