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What causes the motion of the lithospheric plates?

Mantle convection currents

Which of the following is NOT a type of seismic wave?


Which of these is a characteristic of the oceanic crust?

Composed of basalt rock

What is the primary evidence that supports the theory of continental drift?

Matching of continental coastlines

What is the primary mechanism that drives seafloor spreading?

Convection currents in the mantle

What is the primary difference between the continental crust and the oceanic crust?

All of the above

What type of graph is best used when comparing different groups or categories?

Bar Graph

In plate tectonics, which variable is represented by the amount of fertilizer a farmer uses?

Independent Variable

What is the main evidence supporting the Theory of Continental Drift related to similar plants and animals found in different continents?

Matching of Fossils Across Seas

What phenomenon is described by rocks being younger at the mid-ocean ridge and older further away?

Seafloor Spreading

Which type of seismic wave causes the most destruction during an earthquake?


What is the main concept behind the Continental Drift Theory?

Movement of Continents

What causes the hot fluid to rise and the cold fluid to sink in a convection current?

Difference in densities

Which type of plate boundary is responsible for creating the Atlantic Ocean?

Divergent boundary

What happens when two oceanic plates collide at a subduction zone?

One plate slides beneath the other

Which type of margin results in plates shifting away from each other?

Divergent boundary

Which feature is produced when two continental plates collide?

Himalayan Range

What is another name for a Transform Fault Boundary?

Conservative margin

Test your knowledge about the composition of the Earth's layers and the concept of seafloor spreading. Learn about the characteristics of the crust, mantle, and core, as well as geomagnetic anomalies that support seafloor spreading.

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