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What does the Principle of Superposition state?

In any sequence of undisturbed strata, the oldest layer is at the bottom and the youngest layer is at the top.

Explain the Principle of Horizontality.

Sedimentary layers are deposited horizontally, parallel to the Earth's surface. If they are inclined steeply, it indicates deformation after initial deposition.

What is the Principle of Lateral Continuity?

It states that strata extend continuously in all directions until terminated by something else.

Describe the Principle of Uniformitarianism.

This principle implies that processes acting upon the Earth today have also operated in the geologic past, indicating an old Earth shaped by slow processes.

Test your knowledge on the Earth System, which is the sum of physical, chemical, and biological systems interacting between the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. Explore the principles that guide our interpretation of Earth's history and how to decipher events in the correct sequence.

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