Early Criminal Justice Education

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What is a key aspect of individual-rights advocates' belief system?

Linking to fundamental notions of fairness

During which stage in the criminal justice process are suspects typically photographed and fingerprinted?


What is the purpose of the first appearance in the criminal justice process?

Providing an opportunity for bail

What is the legal document that provides the basis for police to apprehend a suspect?


Which concept was associated with the increased focus on individual accountability in the 1990s?

Crime rates perception

What aspect was linked to the Prohibition years in the early twentieth century?

Organized criminal activity

What is the basis of the conflict model in criminal justice?

Self-serving criminal justice agencies

What happened to crime in the United States as society became more focused on individual rights in the 1960s and 1970s?

Reported crime increased dramatically

What is required for a police officer working in a multicultural community to interact effectively with everyone?

Cultural competence

Which model in criminal justice assumes that different components work together harmoniously to achieve justice?

Consensus model

What is the main reason why the Crime Index is no longer included in the UCR?

Overshadowing of more serious index crimes by larcenies

Which source of data should be used if you are looking for national crime statistics on crimes reported to the police?

The Uniform Crime Reports

Study Notes

Early Criminal Justice Education

  • Criminal justice involves the administration of justice, ensuring truth and fairness in the process.
  • Individual-rights advocates prioritize the protection of personal freedoms and civil rights.

Components of the Criminal Justice Process

  • A preliminary hearing is held to determine probable cause, and a warrant issued by a judge provides the legal basis for apprehending a suspect.
  • First appearance occurs before a preliminary hearing, where bail can be set.
  • Booking involves suspects being photographed and fingerprinted.

Crime-Fighting Strategies and Theories

  • Evidence-based practice involves using scientifically tested strategies based on social science research.
  • The conflict model views the criminal justice system as fragmented, with agencies focusing on performance measures over justice.
  • The consensus model assumes harmonious cooperation among criminal justice components to achieve justice.
  • The due-process model emphasizes recognizing suspects' rights during arrest and interrogation.

Crime and Society

  • The 1990s saw an increased focus on individual accountability due to perceived rising crime rates and lenient punishment.
  • Reported crime increased dramatically in the 1960s and 1970s, coinciding with a greater focus on individual rights.
  • Multiculturalism and diversity require police officers to possess high cultural competence to interact effectively with diverse communities.

Crime Types and Statistics

  • Organized crime involves unlawful activity across national boundaries, while transnational crime occurs across borders.
  • Flash robs involve people directed by social media to commit retail store robberies.
  • Identity theft can be committed through phishing, shoulder surfing, and dumpster diving.
  • The Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) provide national crime statistics, while NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System) is used for studying multiple crimes within a single incident.
  • Crime typology involves classifying crimes along dimensions like legal categories, offender motivation, or victim behavior.

This quiz covers early criminal justice education topics, including the administration of justice and protection of personal freedoms and civil rights. It also includes information about individual-rights advocates, social justice, and preliminary hearings.

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