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What was the influence of Roman art on Early Christian architecture?

It had a significant influence, leading to the development of monumental Christian architecture.

What was the architectural model for the basilican church in Early Christian architecture?

Roman basilica

Who is known for propelling the spread of Christianity, which influenced Early Christian architecture?

St. Peter

What significant change did Constantine make that impacted Early Christian architecture?

He changed Rome as the capital to Byzantine.

What architectural form is typical of Early Christian Basilicas?

Rectangular with an apse for the altar at one end

What architectural feature distinguishes Santa Sabina in Rome, c. 422-432, as an important Early Christian structure?

Human-scale size

What is the significance of the centralized domed interior space in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, c. 345?

Symbolizes the spiritual theme of the dome of heaven

What is the main purpose of a baptistery in Early Christian architecture?

To serve as a separate building for the sacrament of baptism

What type of building was the chief building type during the Early Christian period?


What type of art was the Byzantine art called due to the cosmopolitan character of the Eastern Empire?


What influenced the avoidance of sculpture as a representation of human or animal form during the Early Christian period?

Fear of idolatry

What did Byzantine architecture quicken and accelerate when compared with Early Christian architecture?

Longitudinal arrangement

Test your knowledge of Early Christian architecture with this quiz. Explore the features and significance of structures such as the House Church at Dura Europos, Santa Costanzá, and Santa Sabina.

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