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What characterized the architectural style of Early Christian Architecture?

Influence from Roman art

What is one of the important features of Early Christian Church architecture?

Development of ribbed vaults

What was the significance of a basilican church's orientation?

The apse always faced east

Which architectural element was typically used in the exterior of Early Christian churches?

Bell towers or 'campanile'

Which architectural feature did Byzantine architecture utilize instead of Early Christian's post and lintel construction?

Dome-centered construction

What architectural element was used as the dome's support in Byzantine architecture?


Which empire lasted another thousand years after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD?

Eastern Roman Empire (Constantinople)

What does the name 'Hagia Sophia' mean?

Holy Wisdom

Who was known for introducing quadratura in architecture?

Baldassare Peruzzi

Which artist was chosen as one of the new architects of St. Peter’s in Rome after Raphael’s death?

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Which architecture style was popularly called Lombard Renaissance Architecture?

French Renaissance Architecture

Who was responsible for the design of the Stanza della Segnatura, Pope Julius II’s private quarters?

Raphael Santi

What type of materials did Early Christians utilize in their architecture that were originally from Roman Temples?

Marble and granite

Which architectural feature did Early Christians contribute to the development of in church architecture?

Ribbed vaults

What was the first place of worship for Early Christians, before the construction of dedicated churches?

House Churches

What architectural feature was commonly used in the exterior of Early Christian churches?

Bell towers or 'campanile'

What Germanic group of people fought against the Roman Empire in the late 300's to early 400's, signaling the beginning of the Dark Ages or medieval ages?


Which term was formerly used as a slur to describe the Gothic architectural style as 'Barbaric German Style'?


Which architectural feature freed the building wall to be ornate with decorations or more windows in Gothic architecture?

Flying Buttress

What type of window is circular and divided into segments by stone mullions or tracery, introduced in Gothic architecture?

Rose Window

During which period did Romanesque architecture flourish?

From 100 until about 1150

What architectural characteristic was typical of Romanesque buildings?

Round arches

In which country is the Maria Laach Abbey located, known for its Romanesque architecture?


What was a distinctive feature of the Cathedral Complex of Pisa in Italy, showcasing Romanesque architecture?

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Test your knowledge on the sections and characteristics of church architecture, focusing on Early Christian and Byzantine architecture. Learn about the beginnings of Christianity in Judea and its spread to Rome, along with the architectural traditions of Early Christians.

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