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What is social solidarity according to Durkheim?

The normal state of society

In what ways does the absence of social solidarity manifest itself?

As a deviation from the normal state or social pathology

What is the theme that permeates all of Durkheim's work?


What is the dichotomy developed by Durkheim to decipher the shift in social bonds?

Mechanical and organic solidarity

What is 'mechanical solidarity' according to Durkheim?

A form of social solidarity intrinsic to traditional societies

In which work did Durkheim first introduce the concept of 'Social Solidarity'?

First course of lectures at the University of Bordeaux in 1887-1888

Study Notes

Introducing the Theory of Social Solidarity by Durkheim

Social solidarity, a concept that has been the focus of sociologist E. Durkheim's attention, serves as a synonym for the normal state of society, while the absence of it is a deviation from that normal state or social pathology." The theme of solidarity permeates all of Durkheim's work, from his first course of lectures at the University of Bordeaux in 1887-1888, called "Social Solidarity" to his doctoral thesis in 1893, devoted to maintaining and reinforcing social solidarity."

Durkheim's Theory of Social Solidarity: The dichotomy between mechanical and organic solidarity

Durkheim developed the dichotomy between mechanical and organic solidarity to decipher the shift in social bonds that glued people in societies together." This dichotomy is crucial to his theory of social solidarity, as it differentiates between the types of connections that unite people with each other and why they can interact with each other."

  • "mechanical solidarity" is a form of social solidarity that is intrinsic to traditional societies,

Test your knowledge of Émile Durkheim's theory of social solidarity, focusing on the concepts of mechanical and organic solidarity. Explore the dichotomy between these two forms of social bonds and understand their significance in maintaining societal cohesion.

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