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In Dunham's classification, the sediment is called a grainstone if the grains of a limestone are touching one another and the sediment contains no mud.

A packstone is a carbonate sediment that is grain supported and contains a small percentage of mud.

A wackestone is a mud supported sediment that contains more than 10 percent grains.

A mudstone is a sediment that is mud supported and contains less than 10 percent grains.

Boundstone is a type of biogenic reef rock.

Which grain size classification is used for limestone according to Grabau (1903)?

What is the main criteria for classifying limestones according to Folk?

What are the two main groups of "allochemical Rocks" in Folk's classification?

What is the size range of micrite in microcrystalline allochemical limestone?

How are the "allochemical Rocks" further subdivided in Folk's classification?


Test your knowledge of Dunham's classification for rock descriptions with this quiz! Learn about the different depositional textures and how they can be observed using a hand lens or binocular microscope. Explore examples of grainstones, packstones, and more. Perfect for geology enthusiasts and students!

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