DSM-5 Criteria for Social Anxiety Disorder

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What is the primary characteristic of social situations that triggers fear or anxiety in individuals with social anxiety disorder?

What is the duration criteria for Social Anxiety Disorder?

In social anxiety disorder, individuals fear that their actions or anxiety symptoms will be negatively evaluated, leading to:

Which of the following is NOT a criterion for social anxiety disorder according to the DSM-5?

According to DSM-5, how does the level of fear or anxiety in social situations relate to the actual threat posed by those situations and the sociocultural context?

Which of the following is a consequence of Social Anxiety Disorder?

What is the minimum duration for the fear, anxiety, or avoidance to be considered persistent in Social Anxiety Disorder?

In addition to causing distress, in which areas of functioning can Social Anxiety Disorder cause impairment?

Which hormone is blocked by beta blockers to control the physical symptoms of anxiety?

What are some physical symptoms of anxiety that beta blockers can help control?

What is the evidence for the efficacy of beta blockers in treating social anxiety disorder?

Which therapy focuses on the impact of our thoughts on our feelings and behavior?

What does cognitive behavioural therapy suggest about our thoughts?

When can we choose to challenge our thoughts according to cognitive behavioural therapy?


Test your knowledge of the DSM-5 criteria for Social Anxiety Disorder! This quiz covers the key symptoms, including marked fear or anxiety in social situations and the fear of being scrutinized by others. Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone interested in psychology.

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