Drying Process in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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What is the term for the moisture content that is more difficult to remove in practice?

Bound moisture content

At what relative humidity (RH) is the air considered saturated?


What does a psychrometer measure?


How is the relative humidity (RH) affected when the temperature is raised?

RH falls

What does the total moisture content of a solid consist of?

Free moisture content plus equilibrium moisture content

What is the definition of drying as mentioned in the text?

The removal of all or most of the liquid by supplying latent heat to cause thermal vaporization

What is the primary challenge in drying processes according to the text?

Minimizing thermal degradation during drying

What is the total moisture content of a wet solid expressed as?

Kg of moisture associated with 1 kg of the wet solid

Why is it important to render residual moisture low enough during drying?

To prevent product deterioration and ensure free-flowing properties

What is the best approach to minimize thermal degradation during drying?

Controlling temperature and time

Test your knowledge about the drying process in pharmaceutical manufacturing, including the importance of residual moisture, the definition of drying, and the removal of liquid through thermal vaporization. This quiz is based on the book 'Aulton's Pharmaceutics: The Design and Manufacture of Medicines' by Michael Aulton.

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