DNA and RNA Structure and Functions

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Which type of bonds link the sugar-phosphate groups in the backbone of DNA and RNA strands?

Phosphodiester bonds

What are the two types of nucleic acids discussed in the text?


Name two purines mentioned in the text.

Adenine and Guanine

What is the role of Messenger RNA (mRNA) in protein synthesis?

Carries code from nucleus to ribosome containing instructions for protein synthesis

What is the function of Transfer RNA (tRNA) in protein synthesis?

Delivers amino acids to ribosomes for protein synthesis

In Transcription, what is the role of the template strand?

The strand that is read, and the sequence is transcribed to produce the mRNA transcript

What are the differences between purines and pyrimidines in terms of their structure?

Purines are double ringed, while pyrimidines are single ringed.

Explain the function of Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) in protein synthesis.

Ribosomal RNA associates with proteins to form ribosomes.

Describe the process of Transcription in molecular biology.

Transcription is the process of copying DNA to produce a complementary RNA molecule.

What is the role of Transfer RNA (tRNA) in protein synthesis?

Transfer RNA delivers amino acids to ribosomes for protein synthesis.

Explain the difference between the non-template strand and the template strand during Transcription.

The non-template strand codes for the polypeptide, while the template strand is read and transcribed to produce mRNA.

How are sugar-phosphate groups linked in the backbone of DNA and RNA strands?

The sugar-phosphate groups are linked by phosphodiester bonds.

Learn about the structure and functions of DNA and RNA, including the types of nucleotides, backbone composition, and roles of messenger RNA and transfer RNA in protein synthesis.

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