Division: Algae Characteristics and Examples

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What is the main characteristic of algae mentioned in the text?

Thalloid body structure

How do algae reproduce according to the text?

Both by asexual (vegetative) & sexual methods

Which of the following is true about bryophytes based on the text?

Their cell wall is made up of chitin

What distinguishes bryophytes from algae based on the information provided?

Mode of reproduction

Which statement is false about algae according to the text?

They reproduce only sexually

What distinguishes algae from bryophytes based on the text?

Storage of food in the form of starch

Which part of the tracheophyte plant is responsible for producing spores?


What can be found inside the brown bean-shaped spots on the lower surface of tracheophyte leaves?


What is the function of circinate vernation in young tracheophyte leaves?

Unfolding of leaflets

Which tissue type is responsible for transporting water and nutrients in tracheophytes?


Where do pteridophytes typically grow based on the information provided?

Moist and shady areas

What is the main plant body in tracheophytes, according to the text?


Learn about the characteristics and examples of algae, including both unicellular and multicellular types. Explore their thalloid body structure, autotrophic nature, cell wall composition, and modes of reproduction. Understand where algae are typically found and their lack of vascular tissues and alternation of generations.

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