Discrimination, Stereotyping, and Prejudice Quiz

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How are people discriminated against?

Denied equal access to resources

How are people stereotyped?

Based on appearance or perceived group membership

What prejudices exist?

Prejudice against every minority group

In what ways do racism occur?

Systemic racism and police cooperation

How are people included/excluded from society and what are the reasons for this?

Based on membership in a certain group and deep set ideals

What social challenges exist because of discrimination/prejudice/racism?

Inequality in access to education and healthcare

What is deviance?

Any behavior that violates the expected standard of a group

How do standards of deviance change?

Based on a variety of factors including location, social status, age, and individual societies

What is a deviant?

A person who violates one of the valued standards of conduct within a group or society

What is stigma?

A label used by society to devalue members of a certain group

Why is it hard for individuals to work their way out of a deviant role?

Because once assigned a deviant role, it is very hard to work your way out of it

What do societies rely on to deal with violations of norms?

Various forms of social control to deal with violations of norms

What is the main concept of internal social control?

Doing something because you know it is the right thing

Which of the following is an example of informal sanctions?

Thanking someone for their help

What could be a potential negative effect of public shaming?

Eroding trust in society

According to the Functionalist Perspective, how does deviance occur?

When there is a gap between cultural goals and culturally approved means to achieve those goals

What is the main difference between positive and negative external social control?

Positive includes rewards like smiles and words of approval, while negative includes fines and criticism

Why might deviance occur in societies with insufficient avenues for goal achievement?

Because people do 'whatever it takes' to reach their goals

What promotes conformity to social norms?

Strong attachment to groups or individuals

In the context of deviance, what does the Conflict Perspective propose?

The criminal justice system protects the power and privilege of the upper class

What does the Labeling Theory seek to explain?

Why some deviant behavior is not seen as deviant by society

What does the Differential Association Theory emphasize?

The role of primary groups in transmitting deviance

In the context of deviance, what does strong attachment to groups or individuals lead to?

Conformity to social norms

What does the Conflict Perspective, influenced by Marx, posit about the criminal justice system?

It protects the power and privilege of the upper class

What leads to little incentive to follow norms?

Lack of strong attachment to groups or individuals

What is the primary focus of the Symbolic Interactionist Perspective?

How people develop self-concept through socialization

Test your knowledge on discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudice with this quiz. Explore different forms of discrimination, how people are stereotyped, and the prejudices that exist against various minority groups.

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