Disaster Planning: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

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What does hazard identification and mapping serve as the foundation for?

Decision making for prevention, mitigation, and response

Which method do planners use to identify events most likely to affect a community?

Hazard identification and mapping

What does hazard assessment begin with?

Data collection

Which map shows how the frequency and strength of extreme windstorms vary across a country?

Green: Tropical and Subtropical Wind Zone Map

What do cyclone/storm surge hazard maps show?

Areas of different inundations expressed in meters

What do inundation maps translate flood data into?

Operational maps communicating risk and consequences of flooding

What does the epicenter map show?

The location where an earthquake starts

What does the seismic zoning map project?

Frequency and intensity of expected earthquakes

What does the vulnerability analysis determine?

Most likely to be affected by disasters and their capacity to deal with the effects

What does social vulnerability relate to?

Emotional aspect of single parent families

What is economic vulnerability focused on evaluating?

Risk of hazards causing losses to economic assets

What is the risk assessment in relation to disaster specifically described as?

Probability that a disaster will occur

What does the hazard assessment attempt to specify?

Probability of an event occurring in a certain area

What does the landslide hazard map determine?

Distance where the landslide will travel

What does the risk assessment evaluate?

The probability that a disaster will occur

What is the focus of the vulnerability analysis?

Determining who is most likely to be affected by disasters

This quiz covers hazard identification and mapping, vulnerability analysis, and risk assessment as essential components of disaster planning. Topics include methods for identifying likely events, understanding vulnerability, and assessing potential risks in a community. The quiz also touches on the foundations for decision making in prevention, mitigation, and response.

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