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What does the term 'obedience' originate from?

Listening attentively

What is the danger of having a 'messianic complex' according to the text?

It can make one believe that the poor cannot save themselves

In the context of the text, what does 'Ningas kugon' refer to?

Short-lived help or enthusiasm

What is the significance of 'empathy' in relation to social responsibility?

Enhances social responsibility

How is 'social responsibility' linked to Christian faith according to the text?

As a tangible show of gratitude to Jesus

Why should individuals avoid being tagged as 'plastic' or hypocritical in the context discussed?

To maintain genuine intentions and actions

What is the main guiding principle for all actions according to the text?


What is the source of human rights?


Which type of right is described as the most fundamental right involving the 'preservation of Life'?

Right to Life

What is a significant role of the Church in the promotion of human rights?

Justifying human rights through Christian faith

What term is used to describe rights that we can never lose, similar to being loved by God?


Which type of right involves having control over our own bodies and bodily faculties?

Right to one's person

What does the Right to Education primarily aim to develop?

Physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social aspects

Which right allows individuals to act in accordance with their moral conscience?

Right to Conscience

What does the Right to Religion entail?

The right to seek the truth and worship the Creator within chosen religious teachings

What does the Right to free expression entail?

The right to form opinions and advocate for important causes

What is the primary purpose of the Right to livelihood?

To enable individuals to acquire necessities of life through work

What does the Right to property grant individuals?

Exclusive control over possessions within legal boundaries

What are the Two Feet of Social Ministry according to the text?

Acts of Charity and Structural Change

What is an example of Corporal Works of Mercy?

Directly helping those in need

What is the aim of Structural Change in the Church's Social Mission?

To produce more permanent relief for the suffering of the poor

What does 'Dignity' mean according to the text?

Treating others as we want to be treated

What is one key principle of Dignity according to the text?

A dignified life means fulfilling one's potential

How does the Church's Social Mission address social issues differently through Structural Change and Acts of Charity?

Acts of Charity aim at personal conscience while Structural Change aims at societal change

Test your knowledge on dignity, human rights, and social obligations. Explore the principles of dignity, the interdependence of dignity among individuals, and the Church's view on human rights.

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