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What is one of the building-block techniques mentioned for structuring a marketing strategy?

Which component of the Four Ps in marketing focuses on allowing customers to customize the product?

In marketing, what does the 'P' in 'Four Ps' stand for that emphasizes the powerful human element like peer-to-peer sharing?

Which aspect of marketing strategy involves analyzing competitors, suppliers, and potential market entrants?

What important point about digital marketing is highlighted in the text?

Which of the following is NOT one of the Four Ps in marketing?

What is one way an organization can tap into a wider range of talent and knowledge, according to the text?

Which of the following is NOT a method of leveraging digital tools for crowdsourcing, as mentioned in the text?

What is the main purpose of crowdfunding, as described in the text?

Which strategy involves breaking a big task into tiny components and engaging many people to complete each component?

What is essential for ideas in the digital age to stand out?

How can organizations build products and services that meet the needs and desires of the crowd?

Which aspect of the TCEO model focuses on driving traffic and building relationships?

What does the 'Optimize' aspect of the TCEO model emphasize?

How can organizations harness microtasking effectively according to the text?

What is a key concept involved in crowdsourcing, as mentioned in the text?

How do remarkable ideas contribute to successful marketing strategies based on the text?


  • Data mining is a process used with big data.
  • Digital Marketing focuses on understanding digital audience and their use of digital media.
  • People serve as media channels in today's digital age.
  • Crowdsourcing is a method used in digital marketing, it includes: a) Crowdsourcing – people sharing ideas or creations for rewards, b) Crowdfunding – many people donating for specific projects, and c) Microtasking – breaking big tasks into components for many to complete.
  • Digital marketing is interactive, user-centric, and empirical.
  • Marketing strategy building blocks include: a) Porter’s Five Forces analysis, b) The Four Ps (Products, Price, Placement, Promotion), and c) People, allowing for consumer interaction and participation.
  • TCEO Model helps structure digital marketing: a) Think - digital market strategy, market research, content marketing strategy, b) Create - executing campaigns, shaping platforms, c) Engage - driving traffic, building relationships, and d) Optimize - continuous improvement.
  • Distinguishing business strategy, marketing strategy, and digital strategy: a) Business strategy - making money, b) Brand strategy - brand justification, awareness, and loyalty, c) Marketing strategy - making informed decisions on promotion, and d) Digital strategy - adapting to digital context.
  • Marketing strategy context includes analysis of four pillars: a) Market opportunities, b) Competitor analysis, c) Customer analysis, and d) Internal analysis.


Test your knowledge on digital marketing concepts such as digital audience, crowdsourcing, and data mining processes. Explore how people use digital media, the fragmentation of attention across various media channels, and the remarkable ideas required in the digital age.

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