Digestion and Absorption of Protein in Chemistry Department

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What aids in the swallowing of partially mashed food?


What is the range of intake of dietary protein mentioned in the text?

50-100 g/day

What is the source of about 30-100 g/day of endogenous protein?

Digestive enzymes and worn out cells of the digestive tract

In healthy humans, how much protein is lost through feces as mentioned in the text?

5-10 g/day

Where does the digestion of dietary protein begin?


What is the function of the teeth in the digestion of dietary protein?

Mechanical breakdown of large protein pieces

What is the primary role of hydrochloric acid in the stomach?

Sterilizes the food and prevents harmful bacteria from entering the GI tract

What is the enzyme that converts milk protein casein to calcium paracaseinate in infants and children's stomach?


Which hormone stimulates the pancreas to secrete bicarbonate to neutralize gastric HCL?


What is the specific role of enteropeptidase in the small intestine?

Activates pancreatic trypsinogen to trypsin

Which enzyme cleaves peptide bonds between basic amino acids like Arginine and Lysine?


What is the primary function of cholecystokinin (CCK) in the digestive system?

Stimulates gall bladder contraction

What are the building blocks of proteins?

Amino acids

Which type of proteins form a framework for calcium phosphate crystals deposition in bone?


Which proteins directly regulate metabolism and help in muscle movement?

Enzymes and contractile proteins

Test your knowledge on the digestion and absorption of protein in the 3rd stage of Chemistry Department at the School of Education. This quiz covers topics such as exogenous and endogenous sources of proteins, denaturation, and daily intake of dietary and endogenous proteins.

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