General Chemistry at Bilad Al Rafidain University College

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What is the name of the department at Bilad Al Rafidain University College?

Department of Anesthesia

Which stage is referred to in the text?

First stage

Who is the instructor mentioned in the text?

Dr. Anesthesia

What is the subject of study at Bilad Al Rafidain University College according to the text?


Which educational term is used in the text?

First coarse

What is the taste of tyrosine?


At what wavelength do amino acids have absorbance?


What is the melting point of amino acids?

Above 200 C

Are amino acids soluble in non-polar solvents?

No, insoluble

Why do all amino acids possess optical isomers?

Due to their molecular weight

What kind of activities do amino acids posses?

Enzymatic activities

Which term best describes the activities of amino acids as mentioned in the text?


What is a key feature of amino acids mentioned in the text?

Ability to form enzymes

Based on the text, what distinguishes amino acids from other biomolecules?

Enzymatic activities

What role do amino acids play in biological processes according to the text?

Enzyme catalysts

Test your knowledge of General Chemistry topics taught in the Department of Anesthesia at Bilad Al Rafidain University College during the first stage/first course under Dr.'s supervision.

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