Difference Between Mitosis and Meiosis

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What type of cell division allows for cells to produce identical copies of themselves?


Which type of cell division occurs in organisms that reproduce sexually and produces reproductive cells?


What type of cells are produced by mitosis?

Identical copies of parent cells

What type of cells undergo meiosis in humans and ultimately give rise to sperm or eggs?

Germ cells

Which type of eukaryotes use mitosis to reproduce asexually and increase their population?

Yeasts and amoebas

What is the difference in ploidy between body cells and gametes?

Body cells are diploid, gametes are haploid

What is the outcome of the process of meiosis?

Four genetically unique daughter cells

Which biomolecule stores an organism's genetic code?

Nucleic acids

In meiosis, what happens during Meiosis I?

Two cell divisions resulting in haploid cells

What is the function of proteins in living organisms?

Forming antibodies and hormones

What are the products of meiosis?

Four haploid cells

Which type of carbohydrates are commonly referred to as sugars?

Monosaccharides and disaccharides

What is the unique function of nucleic acids?

Storing genetic code

What is the process of breaking down or dissolving minerals and rocks on the surface of the Earth?


Which type of weathering occurs when rainwater combines with CO2 to form a weak carbonic acid, capable of dissolving rock?


What is the breakdown of rocks by acidic water to produce clay and soluble salts?


Which agent reacts chemically with rocks, modifying their chemical structure through the process of weathering?


What is the process that breaks down rock by oxygen and water, often giving iron-rich rocks a rusty-colored weathered surface?


What type of weathering occurs when rocks are weakened by different biological agents like plants and animals?

Physical Weathering

Which process involves the upward movement of the Earth's mostly solid mantle?

Decompression Melting

What is the process of breaking down of rocks into particles without changing their chemical composition called?

Mechanical Weathering

What causes the mechanical break up of rock due to the expansion of freezing water in cracks?

Frost Wedging

What contributes to biological weathering by different activities that cause rocks to break?

Root Wedging (Plants)

What is the process of transporting weathered sediments by wind, water, ice, and gravity to a different place called?


Which layer of the Earth is involved in Decompression Melting at divergent plate boundaries?


What causes the resulting rock surfaces to have a honeycomb appearance?

"Honeycomb Weathering"

The accumulation of materials such as soil, rock fragments, and soil particles settling at the bottom is known as?


What causes the downward movement of a mass of rock, soil, and/or debris due to the pull of gravity?

"Mass Wasting"

Test your knowledge on the differences between mitosis and meiosis, the two types of cell division in eukaryotic organisms. Understand how these processes lead to the production of body cells and gametes.

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