Developmental Psychology: Major Concerns and Domains

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What are the 4 major concerns of developmental psychology?

Which domain of development involves changes in mental activity?

What is the concept that is important to understanding human development according to the text?

What does psychosocial development concern according to the text?

Which branch of psychology deals with how individuals change over time while remaining in some respects the same?

What are the major domains of development mentioned in the text?

Which of the following best defines heredity?

According to Urie Brofenbrenner, which level of environmental influence consists of social structures that indirectly affect a person's life?

What does the ecological approach proposed by Urie Brofenbrenner examine?

In the context of developmental events, what does Urie Brofenbrenner propose as an important factor?

What does maturation refer to in the context of development?

What determines human capabilities?

What is the role of macrosystem according to Urie Brofenbrenner's ecological approach?

In the context of environmental influences, what does exosystem refer to?

What aspect do social and behavioral scientists focus on in relation to time and development?

"Maturation" is primarily controlled by:


Explore the fundamental concepts of developmental psychology, focusing on the major concerns and domains of human development from prenatal stages to adulthood. Learn about the distinct changes that occur over the lifespan, the explanations for these changes, the prediction of human development, and the potential interventions to influence these processes.

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