Determinants of Health

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What are the two sets of factors that influence an individual's health?

What is the unique aspect of the genetic make-up of an individual?

Give an example of a disease known to be of genetic origin.

What is the role of medical genetics in relation to the state of health?

What important role does medical genetics play in relation to genetic screening and gene therapy?

What is the definition of health based on the absence of in the genetic constitution?

According to the WHO, what does 'positive health' imply?

What are some examples of lifestyle determinants of health mentioned in the text?

What evidence has accumulated regarding the association between health and lifestyle?

What is the relationship between health and lifestyle according to the text?


Explore the multifactorial nature of health and the factors influencing it, both within the individual and in the broader society. Understand the interplay between genetic and environmental factors and their impact on individual health.

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